Simple, Fast, Accurate

Rackulator is the only electronic big game scoring device that makes scoring your trophy simple, fast, and accurate. Through step by step instructions, the Rackulator uses state of the art technology with its integrated rolling wheel and embedded measuring tape that makes scoring super simple. It keeps track of all your measurements and does all the complicated math for you! In fact, the Rackulator calculates the final score in any of the major scoring systems. No more getting tangled in the tape or putting nasty adhesive tape on your trophy!

       Rackulator makes scoring easy and fun for everyone

  • No need for math equations or tangled tape, the Rackulator calculates the total score electronically

  • Easy to use complete big game scoring system

  • Step by Step instructions

  • Use for all big game horned or antlered animals

  • Complete with gross and net, typical and non-typical scores