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We Score it all Easily: Deer

We Score it all Easily: Mule Deer

We Score it all Easily: Drop-Tines

We Score it all Easily: Deer


Simple, Fast, Accurate

Rackulator is the only electronic big game scoring device that makes scoring your trophy simple, fast, and accurate. Through step by step instructions, the Rackulator uses state of the art technology with its integrated rolling wheel and embedded measuring tape that makes scoring super simple. It keeps track of all your measurements and does all the complicated math for you! In fact, the Rackulator calculates the final score in any of the major scoring systems. No more getting tangled in the tape or putting nasty adhesive tape on your trophy!

Rackulator makes scoring easy and fun for everyone

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             Actual Customer Reviews

Tom Nelson 2017 MT Elk.JPG

Tom Nelson

"I have scored 100's of animals and by far the easiest, fastest and most accurate way is with the Rackulator"

Kass Field1.jpg


It took us under 4 minutes to score this buck with a Rackulator 237 4/8. Took it to get scored officially and we were within 3/8s of an inch. The Rackulator is incredible!

Turtle Farm Taxidermy.PNG

Terry Dimmer

I am the owner and operator of Turtle Farm Taxidermy. I have used the Rackulator as added feature to my customer Big game mounts since 2013. The Rackulator has been a great tool to add to my business. 

Ted Rize.PNG

Ted Rize

Some of our greatest memories are spent with family. The Rackulator is a fun tool we enjoy using at deer camp!

Joe Thomas Deer.jpg

Joe Thomas

The Rackulator allows me to score antlered big game animals in a fraction of the time. Plus, with Rackulator, I know it's accurate!


Kelsey Pelletier

As a hunting guide I have scored 100's of deer for clients. Every year at least 5 clients will offer to buy the Rackulator off me once they see how easy it is to use!


Scoring made easy! How to use a Rackulator 



Rackulator is a company built by dedicated outdoors men and women. Our goal is to help everyday hunters and huntresses find an even  deeper appreciation for the big game animal that was harvested.


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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