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Deer Scored


We had the honor of scoring Milo Hanson's World Record Typical Whitetail Deer in December with the Rackulator.  The last time this deer has been scored was in 1995 by an official panel which confirmed it's World Record status with an official score of 213 5/8. 

Due to loss of inside spread due to shrinkage we came within 3/8 of and inch of the official panel score on this deer.  We would sincerely like to thank Milo for asking us to score his deer with the Rackulator.

Pictured in the photo:  left to right:  Milo Hanson, Biggar, Saskatchewan - Scott Wolff, Blair Trout & Kathy Trout

Non Typical

Blair Trout, green scored this deer in mid November with the Rackulator, he came up with a score of 240 4/8 net non-typical.  The deer has now been officially scored and it scores 240 5/8 net non-typical and scores 254 3/8 gross non-typical. 

The deer was taken by Jim Fulks from Alberta.

Non Typical

Robert Schmitt buck from North Dakota.  Scott Wolff had the privilege of scoring this buck in November with the Rackulator.  This deer has now been officially scored at 229 6/8 net non-typical.


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